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Royal SEO will provide a comprehensive service that will incorporate all aspects of SEO including a Website Audit, On-Page Optimisation, Off-Page Optimisation, Citation Building and Keyword Research.

What We Do

Each decision we make is with the intention of optimising our clients websites and pushing them further up the rankings on Search Engine Results Pages such as Google, Bing and Duck Duck Go. We have Clients in Cork, Dublin and all over Ireland. No matter where you are based, we can optimise for the locations you service. By doing this, more users that are looking for our clients product/service will find their website, increasing Traffic, Sales and growing their business. We will help grow website traffic, and therefore help grow your business.



Through this Process 

SEO Audit

Initial Website Audit

We will conduct an initial Site Audit to determine how your website is currently optimised and what your site is lacking and what errors it has. We will then begin fixing all errors to allow your website to start improving its ranking online.

Optimising your website on page

Website On-Page Optimisation

Its estimated 20% of SEO Success comes down to On-Page Optimisation. We will help improve Load Speed, optimise Images & fix up Title Tag/Meta Description issues to name but a few. This can be the boring part of SEO, but we love it as it is hugely important.

Thinking how to acquire backlinks

Off-Page Optimisation

Off-Page Optimisation refers to action taken outside of your website. The main objective is to get your website mentioned on other websites with a high Domain Authority through manual Link Building. Google then see your website as authoritative and will rank you higher. This is done through submissions to trusted sites.

Competitor Analysis

Keyword Research

We use market leading tools to find out the best short tail & long tail keywords to use on your website. This gives us insight into what users search online when they are looking for websites with your product or service. This is key to improving your ranking online.

Content Creation

Monthly SEO Performance Reports

You want to track all the good work we are doing with your website. We will supply you with monthly reports to update you on what was done and the increase of your SERPs ranking along the way.

Searching for Keywords

Permanent Traffic, Leads and Income ROI

Watch your Traffic and Leads increase as we go through each of the previous steps. You will start to see your ROI once these have been completed and your website is ranking for all your selected Keywords.

SEO Process Explained

Want to dive further into some of the tricks of the trade and how we help rank websites on Page 1 on Google? Listed below, we run into a little more depth about how we optimise our clients websites.

Initial Website Audit

Search Engines rely on many different ranking factors to rank a website on Google. If it is an old website, Royal SEO will firstly conduct a Website Audit to check for any issues with the website content. These checks range from checking Meta Tags, Meta Descriptions, Content issues to Image Optimisation, Internal Linking problems and Site Speed. It helps us to identify issues with the Website so that we can fix these before doing anything further.

Website On-Page Optimisation

1. Title Tags


Title Tags tell Google what your Post is discussing. This is how people searching for a specific subject will be brough to a website. Title Tags are HUGELY important for SEO.

This Title Tag can be added by many WordPress Themes and SEO Plugins such as Yoast or Rank Math. I personally use Rank Math for my clients as Rank Math has many added benefits on the Free option of its Plugin.

It is always important to include your Keyword in your Title Tag. But do not Keyword tuff as Google will penalise you. Keep it simple. You just need to tell Google what your Post is about.

2. Header Tags


You get one Title Tag, but you get many Header Tags. Again, Rank Math will help you here by describing what you should include when writing your Posts and Pages. You will see from this post, the different heading sizes and Keywords used. It breaks down Pages and Posts into sections and easily readable blog posts.

Headings in Code looks like <h1>, this is a h1 tag and <h2> is a h2 tag. WordPress allows you to automatically include these different Headers. You do not need to write code to use and change these.

The further use of Tags allows us to do two things, include Secondary Keywords and makes the page much easier to It helps both users and Google skim the content.

3. Keyword Density


It is good to include Keywords, but it is not a good idea to Keyword stuff. This will cause Google to issues penalties on your content. Write Naturally. I have always found this to be a safe bet. Of course, you can include specific targeted Keywords, but write naturally. This is where Plugins like Rank Math and Yoast come in as they will flag you if you Keyword stuff over 3%.

Keywords like “Cork SEO” (This is what people may search when looking for my business) can be used more than once in articles but an article would look silly if it constantly repeated Keywords with no logical structure. It is very important to ensure your content is correct and of good quality. Long Tail Keywords can also be used as they generally help conversation flow more than singular Keywords. Discuss topics such as Issues with your Website and it will bring an influx of people to your website.

4. Image Optimisation


Large Images affect the quality and speed of your page. You would not believe the number of websites that would run faster and smother by just Optimising their Images. And it is so simple. It takes ten seconds.

You can also use Alt Tags to tell Google what your Images are about, which is great for SEO.

It is also not a good idea to douse your pages in Images. Images slow down web pages when not used correctly.

5. Content


The length and quality of the content on your website is a key ranking factor for SEO. Google has forced websites into producing quality content by ensuring content is a key SEO ranking factor. Ever since the BERT update on the Google Algorithm, content has increasingly become more and more of a factor when it comes ranking pages and websites.

BERT ensured written content played a key role. BERT has adopted a model that formulates search enquiries into sentences on websites rather than simply Keywords and Lists. In short, it encourages more conversational content as discussed here by Pandu Nayak.

6 Site Speed


Site Speed has been a ranking factor since 2010 but there is still a multitude of slow websites out there. Many Web Designers create aesthetically pleasing websites that are terribly slow. Speed affects your users navigating your website and in turn, your Bounce Rate. Moz did a study that shows how your website is affected by speed and is still relevant today.

It is simple to optimise your website for Speed, you just need to follow a few simple measures. Make sure you have a good Host. If your Host seems particularly cheap, it is probably for a reason. You can check your website on Google PageSpeed Insights

7. Internal Linking


Internal Linking simply refers to links on your website to other sections of your website. The simplest example of this is on your Menu. You will generally have links to other pages here. It is very important to have this correctly structured all across your website. Calls to Action are another example. For example, listing an offer on your website with an “Enquire Here” button.

It also increases Engagement and encourages users to visit other pages such as Contact Us to make an enquiry. Imagine a website with no Internal Linking.



Off-Page Optimisation

1. Backlinks


Backlinks from trusted websites with a high DA can be a huge ranking factor when it comes to SEO. We work with all our clients to formulate a plan to build up a websites backlinks to websites that are affiliated with their industry. This is possibly one of the most important ranking factors for SEO. 

Backlinks build up your websites trust with Google. When other reputable sites are pointing back to your site or citing examples of articles you have written on specific topics, this is a full proof way of obtaining Authority for your website. 

When Building Links to a website, it must be done in the correct manner. Otherwise, it can be detrimental to your ranking. Be wary of companies that use Black Hat SEO tactics as these can be used to temporarily rank your website highly. However, it the long run, it can have negative consequences to your SEO Ranking.


2. Google My Business

How do you rank highly on Google? A good place to start is by creating an account on Google My Business. Claiming your business on Google is a major part of any SEO Cork strategy. Having a Google My Business Account is a great way to begin creating a local presence and allows you to be found by potential customers on the Internet.

Having a GMB account ensures your business can be viewed on Google and by Local Maps. It is a crucial part of ranking your business locally and is key for SEO. Your business is automatically seen as more trustworthy and is a guaranteed way to improve your Google Ranking.

3. Business Citations (NAP Links)

NAP Stands for Number, Address and Phone Number. Citations are very important in building a Local SEO presence, but you must have NAP consistent across all online directories. Otherwise, it upsets the algorithm. This can be a very useful way to rank locally. You can also be found in these specific directories by potential customers looking for your specific business, i.e., someone searching for an Electrician in the Golden Pages.


4. Guest Posting

Writing Guest Posts and inviting others to Post on your website is a great way to build a strong online reputation. It is a must for every Digital Marketing Plan and every Digital Marketing Agency in Ireland should be utilising it for their clients. It is a full proof way to improve the Google Ranking of your website.

Creating high quality links through Guest Posting is an ongoing challenge but a very worthwhile one for SEO. Royal SEO will assist you build a long-term plan to help with this.

Keyword Research

Keyword Research is a vital component of a Successful SEO Campaign and should be used for all Digital Marketing Strategies. Simply put, Keyword Research is researching what your potential clients search online. It is not exactly listing your services per se, but what people type into Google to search for those services. An example would be “best seo web design company” as opposed to “Web Design Company”, or “Purchasing Raw Materials” as opposed to “Raw Materials”.

Having the correct Keywords in place can massively boost SEO and help your website be found by prospective buyers online. It all boils down to Buyer Intent and how people search for your services online. Having the correct keywords can also ensure a low Bounce Rate, which can also have a knock-on effect.

Royal SEO uses many different tools to determine the most optimal Keywords you should be ranking for, which leads to websites hits, enquiries and cash flow for your business. Having the correct Keywords optimised for your website is a guaranteed way to boost website visitors and inbound enquiries.

Why should you review and monitor what Keywords you use?

Royal SEO recommends you change Keywords often. Keywords can change. You can also monitor which Keywords bring prospects to your website and what Keywords may not be working so well. As your audience grows and evolves, the way people use Search Engines does too. Google has recently introduced a new language model that aims to simplify everyday language use on the platform and allows you to be very specific with long tail questions when searching online. This has recently changed SEOs perspective on Keyword Research and many SEOs are prioritising Long Tail Keywords for their clients. You need to keep upgrading content to keep up with the Algorithms.


Do you wonder where your next client is going to come from? How will SEO help your business dominate your industry?


Simply put, SEO will direct online users interested in your product or service to your website through Search Engines such as Google and Bing. Investing in Organic SEO is a must for any business looking for longevity in their market. You probably found this website by searching SEO Company Cork, SEO Agency Cork, or SEO company Ireland. As opposed to Google Ads for example, Organic SEO is a long-term investment into fully optimising your website. With Google Ads you have to pay a fee every month to remain high on Google without guarantee you will remain there as the bidding continually increases for Keywords. With Organic SEO, it does what is states. It organically keeps you on top of the Search Engines Results Pages. It will increase visibility of your website to potential clients in the long-term. Transparency is the most important thing when it comes to Client/Customer relationships for us. This is where we think we excel. The SEO industry can be overrun with Salespeople that promise the world and do not deliver. We will be honest about what we can and cannot produce. If we feel we cannot help, we will tell you rather than risking our reputation. If your business does not have online search demand, we cannot change that and ranking on search engines will not help. There may be other avenues you would be better off spending your Marketing Budget on. We will try can point you in the right direction if we cannot help. If your product/service is not well known and generally not what people search for online, it is unlikely SEO is for you. Also, if you are not able to commit to a full SEO Campaign, please do not contact us. There is no point in doing things by halves with it comes to SEO. Whether it is On-Page Optimisation, Off-Page Optimisation or generating content, you need to be patient and go through every step before results really start to show.

Organic SEO Team

We Know What Works for SEO, And What Doesn’t.

SEO is not about smoke and mirrors. Although some may try and make it that way!


There is a very clear process that will work if you follow the basics and do them excellently. White Hat Techniques are a vital part of this, and you need to be very careful using any company promoting Black Hat techniques and promising instant results. They may work initially, but Google Algorithm will find out about this eventually. And it is a long hard fix once Google penalises your website.



Why should you work with Royal SEO?


Yes, we have already covered aspects of this but it is important to outline some of the strengths we feel we have over other SEO companies. We want to show why we are the most trusted and best firm you can choose to with you. 

You can see from the About Us section, who I am and I put my reputation on the line for every client I work with. I see my clients as business partners. I help grow their business; they pay for Royal SEOs expertise.


Why does my business need Organic SEO?


There is an extract from the book, “Rich Dad Poor Dad” . The book, an excellent read, discusses how Sales and Marketing are the most important two skills to have in business. Web Design and SEO can take care of both of those. Robert Kiyosaki, a multi-millionaire, real estate investor and multiple business owner, uses the example of an interview he had with a well-recognised, highly educated reporter. She held ambitions of becoming a great author, just like Robert. Everyone that read her novels agreed they were excellent. The issue was that not many people knew about them. Robert had actually read her work previously and agreed she was an excellent writer. He advised her to do a Marketing and a Sales Course to allow her to publicise the book herself. This comment really insulted the reporter who felt these skills were below her. She went to University for many years to study journalism, had a master’s degree in English Literature and felt Sales/Marketing was below her. Robert pointed at his book. It stated, “Bestselling author”, not best selling writer. You can be the best writer, mechanic, accountant, dentist in your region. But if no one knows about you, does it really matter? Marketing and Sales can be uncomfortable. But they are hugely important to running any business. That is why Search Engine Optimisation is so vital to a businesses growth.


This goes for every industry in business and life. If you cannot make potential customers aware of your business and how successful it is, potential customers will have no idea how your business operates. I worked for a company previously that has over 400 reviews ranked 4.8 out of 5. We got busier and busier because every potential customer that came online choose us ahead of all our competitors. The service we provided was on show for everyone to see. That is when I first realised, SEO is the future. The digital age is already here.


Can SEO increase my Brand Awareness?


SEO can ensure more people visit your website, read your blogs, and increases your online visibility. In turn, this will increase your brand awareness. This can potentially help your company become an industry leader by ensuring your website is visible under many different search terms related to your industry. This helps you generate leads and sales through a host of different potential online searches. This is a full proof way for your company name to be synonymous with your industry. The best way to do this is answer potential questions your potential customer will have. This can bring an influx of traffic to your website eg. how do I rank highly via SEO in Cork or as a business Near Me online.

Current Offer

If you pay for a half year subscription, we will provide a one-month discount on all current SEO plans e.g. On our Advanced Plan- it is $1,000 a month or $5,000 for 6 months. Contact us today to get a reduction on your cost for SEO Services !

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Frequently Asked Questions about Royal SEO

Why Royal SEO?

We are a locally based firm that strives to help businesses all across Cork and Ireland to be successful in their SEO Journey. We are not cheap, but we provide excellent results. Nothing short of complete customer satisfaction will suffice. We provide a tailored approach to each client as no two clients are ever the same. Different industries have different requirements when it comes to your target audience, business goals, and the most efficient and profitable way for you to achieve a high ranking on Google. Technical SEO, Backlinks and great content are only a few of the key ingredients to ranking on Google. Our SEO Team will develop a full comprehensive strategy that will cover all key aspects of increasing your Google Ranking in your industry.  

Why Organic SEO over paid Google Ads?

Paying for Ads is expensive and there is no longevity to this. Google Results Pages have two sections. At the top are the Paid Ads, labelled “Ads”. This area constantly fluctuates, and businesses need to spend more and more money to outbid their competitors to stay top. With Organic SEO, the most optimised website stays on top. SEO is a long-term strategy. For example, you may have googled Cork SEO Company or Irish SEO Company to find this website. It is a long-term investment into sustainability of a business. 

Can Royal SEO help my business recover from recent economic shortfalls?

I don’t like to use the Pandemic as a pain point, but the reality cannot be denied, online businesses thrived through the pandemic while brick and mortar businesses unfortunately struggled. Businesses that had online shops, online delivery or online ordering facilities were able to continue to trade when businesses shut. The facts are, when you can sell online, you do not need to be present in the workplace. Ideally you would want to do both, of course. But every business nowadays needs to have at minimum a website. And on top of that, an optimised website so that you can be found by customers that want to buy your product or service.

Can you help my business grow?

If customers search for your product/service online, Organic SEO can without question help grow your business.  

Do you work with all Industries and Business types?

If we can help you, we will work with you. If we believe we cannot help, we will advise you and perhaps we will be able to provide a recommendation as to another form of Marketing. SEO can be used for most industries in some form, whether that be Local SEO or Organic SEO. If your goal is to generate leads, increase sales and grow your online exposure, we can help.

How important is Content when it comes to SEO?

Content and Blogging is hugely important. It keeps your subscribers and readers up to date with the most relevant news in your industry but also, and possibly more important, it keeps you relevant on Search. If you write blogs, those blogs will generally discuss recent movements and trends in your industry. That is what people look to read about when they use Google. That is how people can find your website. If your business is selling the latest fashionable footwear and you have an article discussing the advantage/disadvantages of this shoe, more and more people will likely come to your website to read about the shoe. If it so happens your website sells the shoe, you can create a link for someone to purchase. That is how prospective clients will find your website. This also builds up a trust with Google and your website begins to have more authority. It then starts to rank higher on Google. Writing Blogs is a win/win. Of course, blogging can be extremely time consuming. That is where Royal SEO can lend a helping hand. Highly respected SEO platform such as Moz have released studies regarding on-page keyword usage that shows it is the most important on-site ranking factor when determining where your website will appear on Google.

Does SEO work on desktop, mobile and tablet?

Yes. It all boils to down to the Search Engine being used. Every website we design or work on will be accessible via desktop, mobile and tablet. In 2021, it is crucial to be optimised for all 3.

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