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Local SEO

Local SEO ensures your business will be found on Search Engine Results Pages. It ensures your website will be visible when a user searches Google or Bing for your specific industry in your local region. Whether you are based in West Cork or North Tipperary, we can assist with your Local SEO.

What does Local SEO do?

Local SEO ensures your service/product is shown in your local area e.g., Electrician Cork City or SEO Company Clonakilty. It also displays your opening hours, phone number, website, photos of your workplace, reviews, and location of your store/office. All this before your prospective client has even clicked a button on your website. 34% of “near me” searches appear in store visits according to Hubspot.  

Grant available for Web Design up to €2,500


There is currently a campaign being run by the Local Enterprise Board that allows you claim back up to €2,500 to build your Online Presence. Contact Us to find out more.

What does Local SEO consist of?

If your business serves the local community, your business should be investing in Local SEO to be the highest ranking industry in your niche. Local SEO is simply Search Engine Optimisation in a specific geographical location e.g., when a potential customer googles “SEO Company Clonakilty” or “Plumber Kinsale”, what business comes top of that list with a website, contact number and a whole host of reviews. 97% of people learn about a local company online as opposed to any other means (SEO Tribunal).


Small Businesses can really benefit from Local SEO. Now more than ever with the ever-increasing use of mobile search, Local SEO increases the number of clients a local business has exponentially. What was once the Yellow Pages and Phone Directories is now Google and SEO. There are hundreds of directories just like Yellow Pages. We will register your contact details with all of them.


Online reviews and online reputation equal repeat business. There are many factors that boost your chances of appearing number one in your industry in your region. Royal SEO includes all these of these in our SEO Packages. These include Links, Reviews and On-Page Optimisation. These are all highly influential when it comes to where you rank. You need to careful of bad ranking factors, or Black Hat SEO tactics. These can also include links among other things. You need a clever strategy using White Hat SEO. 

Google My Business

This ensures your business is listed with Google and all details your clients would need to contact you. This also ensures you appear when local users are searching for your specific industry. 

Google Search Console

GSC is a tool that helps you monitor your website. It will help you amend any errors you may have on your website , test mobile usability and show you how many people are visiting your website.

Building Citations

Citations are directories. There are 100s of directories that you can include your details in, Yellow Pages being one. This not only helps people find your business, having multiple citations also helps hugely with Organic SEO & is a massive Google Trust Factor.

Google Analytics

GA allows you to monitor and report important information on your website such as website visitors and where they came from, what pages they view and why they left without proceeding further.

Online Reputation

Royal SEO will provide you with a guaranteed process to improve your reputation and ensure your customers will leave Google Reviews. Online reviews and reputation is a hugely important factor in prospects selecting your business.

Check for Citations

Having incorrect details here can really harm your SEO ranking. Company Name, Address and Contact numbers must all be unison for Google to trust you. Royal SEO registers your business with hundreds of different these Directories, not just Yellow Pages. 

Frequently Asked Questions about Local SEO

What is the difference between Local SEO and Organic SEO?

Local SEO is geared towards attracting local business. It is very similar to Organic SEO but takes into consideration geographical location of the user conducting the search. Both optimise your website and online presence so that your website can be easily found on Search Engines. We include both in our packages. Local SEO focuses on gaining local business. When a homeowner needs a plumber, what is the first website that appears on Google when they search online? The answer is the website that has been optimised the best. Local SEO also guarantees you appear in local searches. You do not need a plumber in Cork City if you are based in Tipperary Town. Local SEO optimises your website and allows your business to stand out from the crowd in specific geographical locations.

How does Local SEO work for my business?

These days with SEO becoming more and more popular, you need to have all aspects of Local SEO optimised as more and more businesses are aware of how important Local SEO is for their business and many different businesses are trying to adopt it. You must be optimised across the board. Royal SEO covers all of this and ensures potential local customers will find your website. Every business wants to be ranking highly for their industry in the city/town they are in. 

I already have customers, why do I want more?

Only you can answer that. You may be perfectly happy with the number of customers you already have. But if you are looking for more customers, Local SEO is a guaranteed way to make that happen.

How does this work to attract customers?

According to data on the Hubspot website. 4 out of 5 consumers use search to find local information. Think of a customer looking to buy a coffee, that may need a dentist or a customer that is looking to build a home. Customers now more than ever are using their phones to find who makes the best coffee and who has the best reviews in that industry in the location they are in. Online reputation matters hugely. It’s that simple. If you do not have a strong online presence, you will miss out on those potential customers. SEO Ensures your website will be found and viewed by these potential customers.

What happens behind the scenes if I engage Royal SEO to assist with Local SEO?

There are many different factors to optimising Local SEO including Google My Business, Google Search Console, and other relevant platforms. You must build the foundation before you build upwards. Once this is all optimised, we can focus on building citations, reviews and start to rank your business high on those Google Search Engine Results Pages. If you are looking for the best barbers in a local town/city, you want to see reviews and photos that prove this. Local SEO shows the most relevant search results for all search engine users, based on their specific location. In simple terms, Google will display local listings based on the desire of the User to find whatever local services/products they need.

What will Local SEO help with?


What can you expect to happen when you practice Local SEO? 

  • Increase Local Enquiries
  • Increase Sales, therefore Profits
  • Increase Online Visibilty of your Website
  • Increase Brand Awareness



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