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4 important SEO tips are discussed in this article that will help every business increase their websites ranking on SERPS such as Google and Bing.

1. Set up Google Search Console and Bingmaster Tools vital for monitoring SEO performance

When trying to rank on search engines, you must first ensure you can measure and view reports on how you are performing on them. Setting up Google Search Console (GSC) is a very important SEO tool and it helps you measure your sites Search traffic and performance, fix any issues it may have and ensure it is optimally appearing in the Google search pages. Similarly, Bing Webmaster Tools allows your website to be crawled to monitor website performance and how your website is ranking on Bing.

2. Set up Google Analytics to analyse SEO effectiveness

The 2nd of our SEO Tips is to install Google Analytics. This digital analytics software allows website owners to analyse in depth what visitors are doing on your website. It will help you outline what works and what is not working on your website. It’s basic features include tracking and reporting on website traffic but also has many other cool features.

3. Installing and configuring WordPress Website very effective for SEO Ranking

Set up your Website using WordPress. WordPress currently powers more than 35% of websites on the internet. They are the most dominant Content Management System (CMS) on the web. WordPress have an array of excellent plugins and themes to pick from when it comes to developing a website that is all included in the creation of the website. A prime example of this according to this article by Search Engine Journal advises WordPress concentrates on a very user friendly experience and is much easier to navigate than its rivals.

It also discusses how easy it is to use permalinks for each web page. WordPress actually automatically creates permalinks for each web page that are generally pretty spot on. You can edit these easily should you feel the need to. Other key factors include metadata being easy to manage and optimising images is much easier on WordPress. It also has a website designed for mobile functionality. If you have any further queries on developing WordPress websites, please contact us. We would be happy to help.

Wordpress Website, extremelt important for SEO ranking
Follow these Important SEO Tips and watch those graphs incline

4. Generate and create a XML sitemap
, vital for SEO

Creating a XML Sitemap helps Google easily navigate your website with ease. This can be done with the Yoast Plugin, a highly recommend plugin for all WordPress websites. Unlike regular Sitemaps, XML Sitemaps are not visible to website visitors, see article.
XML sitemaps allow Search Engines to discover and easily index your content. Its extremely valuable for SEO and allows Search Engines to gain an understanding as to what your website is about.

How to create using Yoast SEO

If you use Yoast SEO, which we highly recommend, go to SEO – General Page and click on the Features Tab.
Turn on XML Sitemap option and save.